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 Egyptian dancer and choreographer

Some of the most common styles
in my dance repertoare
and the origine of that dance style

Bambuti - Port Said
El Haggala - Bedouine Libya
Saiidi - Southern Egypt
Shabi - Egyptian Rai Dance
Ghawazee - Egyptian Guipzy Dance
Fellahi - Egyptian Farmers Dance
- Upper Egypt dance
Eskandarani - Alexandria with "Melaya Laff"
Oriental - Classical Oriental dance,Tabla Solos
El Andaluise - Originally persian harem dance
Baladi - Dance of the Country
Siwa - Siwa Desert Dance



Ahmed Refaat is available for private tutoring
Dances and Choreographys at your request
for solo dancers and groups
Teaching at the Nile Group Festival in Egypt april 2008 - Melaya laff

ahmed Melaya
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